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LA Times features Love Soup and the cooking of Anna Thomas in the Food Section.

The NY Times features a recipe from Love Soup. " What separated her book from other vegetarian cookbooks at the time was that she emphasized flavor. "

The Boston Globe features Love Soup and an interview with Anna Thomas.

Edible Santa Fe, Edible Cape Cod, Edible East Bay, Edible Ojai…Edible everywhere!: Fall issues feature Anna Thomas’ Edible Nation column.

Country Living Magazine features The Joy of Soup, by Anna Thomas and recipes from Love Soup.

Huffington Post features an essay by Alanis Morissette about her Love Soup Party wit Anna Thomas.

Publisher’s Weekly
“…Thomas (of the Vegetarian Epicure cookbooks) presents 160 new and enticing recipes that may just charm even a die-hard carnivore.”

Book Page: Thomas, author of the much-admired Vegetarian Epicure books, serves up her personal, invitingly inventive “library of soups” in Love Soup… as you might surmise from the title, she’s truly, madly, deeply in love with soup. That love manifests itself in every one of the 100 soup recipes here, plus 60 more for breads, salads, starters and sweet to go with the “souper” main course.”

Margaret Roach, A Way to Garden: “Love Soup” is a must companion for everyone with a vegetable garden, or a kitchen (this means everybody)…don’t be surprised to find me planting a soup garden come spring.”

Library Journal: “Thomas (The Vegetarian Epicure) gives cooks 160 reasons to fall in love with soup all over again! Her introduction to each easy-to-follow recipe makes the reader feel like a close friend is recommending the soup…Highly recommended.”

The Detroit Metro Times: “Her latest book, Love Soup: 160 All-New Vegetarian Recipes from the Author of The Vegetarian Epicure (W.W. Norton $35.00HC; $22.95PB), could become a new classic…The book lavishes coverage on the ultimate comfort food, with soups for the four seasons, as well as many "sides," such as salads and dips and desserts.”

The Daily Beast, Mollie Katzen: “Great recipes aside, you’ll also find an extra helping of heart and soul within these pages. This just in, the newest from my personal heroine, she of The Vegetarian Epicure Anna Thomas. Anna has a way of making food accessible and comfortable while keeping it ethnically real (clean lines of origin, I like to call it). Her warmth infuses the food, and her intuitive cooking talent is generous, not at all precious. The result? Anyone can, and will want to, make her recipes easily, happily, and with confidence..."

The Sister Project, Marion Roach “Love Soup by Anna Thomas is a wonder… And you? Love soup? Here’s your book.”

Angry Chicken, Amy Karol “This book hasn't left my hands in the last 48 hours. It's that cookbook I was writing about a bit back, Love Soup by Anna Thomas—and it's better than I had even hoped for.”

Weight Watchers “When Anna Thomas wrote The Vegetarian Epicure in 1972, her whimsically illustrated book showed the world that meatless meals didn't have to be boring. Now she's done the same in Love Soup (Norton, 2009), a collection of recipes that are both vegetarian and endlessly inventive.

— you’ll be delighted and inspired by Thomas's collection of 160 recipes. I’ve never thought of soup as seasonal but Thomas does, and she is convincing. In the fall, she wants us to try Roasted Root Vegetable Soup; in what she calls “deep winter,” there’s a Cauliflower Bisque topped with buttered breadcrumbs and a Caramelized Cabbage bowl from Hungary. Spring is the season for a Potage of Baby Spring Greens, followed by summer’s Zucchini-Basil and Sweet-Corn soups. And all year long she makes different seasonal Green Soups based on what’s in the market, from broccoli to kale to sorrel, each one a bowl of shining good health.

Vegan Appetite “Love Soup, published by W. W. Norton and Company, shows a happy evolution from her first two books. In this book, Anna makes you feel as if she's truly in the kitchen with you, encouraging you to tap into some of your own cooking intuition…”

The Detroit Metro Times “Her latest book, Love Soup: 160 All-New Vegetarian Recipes from the Author of The Vegetarian Epicure (W.W. Norton $35.00HC; $22.95PB), could become a new classic…The book lavishes coverage on the ultimate comfort food, with soups for the four seasons, as well as many "sides," such as salads and dips and desserts.” “I was literally blown away when I started reading some of these soup recipes.” “Her take on soup and her mostly self-created recipes in this book are exciting, but not precious – you can hear on every page that she is writing her book for real people and customizing recipes to please, not to be showy.”

“Anna Thomas is a visionary, pure and simple. She opened our eyes and enlightened our palates—and a new world of garden-based eating began to unfold for a generation and beyond. Now, as I sit here thumbing through the bright, enticing pages of Love Soup, the identical sense of comfort and inspiration, from when I first discovered The Vegetarian Epicure, comes over me. Anna is as present as ever—consistent in her passion, skill, and pure delight. It makes me want to run to my kitchen and get lost in her soups.”

—Mollie Katzen
Author of Moosewood Cookbook

Anna Thomas’s Vegetarian Epicure cookbooks have sold millions of copies and inspired generations. Now she describes her love affair with the ultimate comfort food. “From my kitchen to yours,” Thomas says, “here are the best soups I’ve ever made.” Her wonderfully creative soups make use of fresh, seasonal produce—black bean and squash soup in the fall, smoky eggplant soup in midsummer, seductively perfumed wild mushroom soup for the holidays. From silky puree to rib-sticking chowder, each recipe has room for variation, and nearly all are vegan-friendly.

Love Soup also provides recipes for breads, hummus, pesto, salads, and a few easy desserts—simple additions to any one-pot meal. Throughout, Anna Thomas offers expert advice on shopping, seasoning, tasting, and becoming a cook. With soups that delight and nourish, Anna Thomas invites us all into the kitchen, reminding us of the joy and good sense of home cooking.

Written by Anna Thomas
Illustrated by Annika Huett
W.W. Norton 528 pages, 2009
528 pages, hardcover and softcover